Monthly Archives: October 2011

Winter Car Care – Top Winterizing Tips

Winter Car Care & Winterizing Tips for Boston, MAThere’s an old saying that goes, “If you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail.” And while it might be a little dramatic for winter car care, it’s worth taking the steps to get ready now for the impending madness that is winter in New England.

Read on for some useful tips on winterizing your vehicle to make it through the cold weather. Because there’s nothing worse than digging your car out of the snow for 3 hours only to find out that it won’t even start.

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Know Fitchburg, MA? Trivia Time!

More fun than old tyme baseball with Fitchburg native "Nixey" Callahan!

Back near the end of June, we brought you our lighthearted Dartmouth, MA quiz. And since fall has returned and school is back in session, we figure that it’s time for more trivia highlighting another Massachusetts town with a Colonial Auto connection: Fitchburg.

There’s a lot more to Fitchburg than Colonial West Chevrolet. Think you know The Burg pretty well? Let’s find out.

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