Monthly Archives: January 2013

Car Lease Vs. Buy Analysis for Massachusetts Drivers

car lease vs buy analysisThe car lease vs. buy analysis for Massachusetts drivers has raged for as long as lease deals have been around.

And while there will probably never be a clear victor in this debate, the general consensus is that leasing a car can make a lot of sense for some people, and buying a car makes sense for others. So which camp do you fall into? Let’s see if we can help you figure out whether you should be buying or leasing your new car!

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Volkswagen Sign Then Drive in Massachusetts

vw sign then drive massachusettsA gorgeous new Volkswagen has never been easier to get your hands on. Colonial is proud to bring the Volkswagen Sign Then Drive lease event to Massachusetts drivers at our three VW locations across the state!

The deals are almost as good as the cars, so don’t get yourself to a Colonial VW dealer and see for yourself how easy it can be to drive away in a new Jetta, Passat, Tiguan or CC.

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