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Gaffin’s Wicked Good Guide to Boston English

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Compiled by the brilliant Adam Gaffin and hosted on Boston University’s website, the Wicked Good Guide to Boston English is a wonder to behold.

As Gaffin writes:

Everybody knows about pahking cahs in Hahvuhd Yahd, but there’s a lot more to Boston English than that, despite what Hollywood would have you believe. We have our own way of pronouncing other words, our own vocabulary, even a unique grammatical construct. Journey outside the usual tourist haunts, and you just might need a guide to understand the locals…

A few highlights from the guide:


You can serve them mashed, or whipped, or boiled.

Coffee regula

Coffee with some cream and two sugahs.

Live ‘n’ kickin’

The only kind of lobstahs you’ll find at Boston deli countah

The T

The Boston subway system. Represents the triumph of fuzzy logic, or something, because it does not actually stand for any single word. Cambridge Seven Associates thought it up in the early 1960s when the state hired them to design graphics for the then new MBTA. Their goal was to come up with something as recognizable as a cross that also evoked the idea of transit, transportation, tunnel, etc.

Read more of this fabulous guide here.



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