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13 Wicked Good Boston Movies

Thanks to Movie Fone, we’re able to present you with a breakdown of the top 13 Boston movies of all time.

Cover of "The Friends of Eddie Coyle"

Cover of The Friends of Eddie Coyle

As Gabrielle Dunn wrote:

There’s a big difference between a movie simply set in Boston and a truly genuine “Boston movie.

Beantown natives and film buffs can easily spot a movie with enough Boston flair to color every aspect of the film. Some examples include the crime thriller ‘The Departed’ or the crime thriller ‘The Boondock Saints’ or the crime thriller ‘Mystery Street’ or … you get the idea.

That means that movies set in Boston, like this year’s ‘The Social Network’ or the Harvard comedy ‘Legally Blonde,’ don’t count here. (Sadly, the author’s personal favorite — the unintentionally campy ‘Southie: Toughest Neighborhood in America’ — had to be cut, too.)

With that said, on to the list!

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Most Popular Actors/Actresses From Boston

Using’s highly scientific STARmeter, we can determine once and for all who the most popular actors and actresses from the Boston area are.

What is the STARmeter, you ask?

According to IMDB, it is a “proprietary algorithm” that takes “into account several measures of popularity for people, titles and companies. The primary measure is who and what people are looking at on IMDb.”

In other words, it basically measures the stars people search for.

Mark Wahlberg

Cover of Mark Wahlberg

Of all the actors/actresses born in and around Boston, the most popular are.

1. Taylor Schilling

2. Mark Wahlberg

3. Chris Evans

4. Matt Damon

5. Uma Thurman

6. Edward Norton

7. Eliza Dushku

8. Ben Foster

9. James Spader

10. G. Hannelius

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