Best Car Deals for Students in MA

car deals for college students in maWhether you’re the proud parent of a Dean’s Lister or you’re hitting the books yourself, a car is key to staying connected to what’s happening back home and to getting to class on-time. So before the rush to get ready for the fall semester, shop Colonial to land some of the best car deals for students in MA.

Save the study time for exam season – we take the legwork out of finding the best student car deals in Massachusetts. We break down deals for you by brand and by school, so keep reading to cut right to the chase.

Deals by Brand

Let’s start with MA student car deals by brand. Because Colonial covers so many makes, we can offer special prices for all of the brands that students in New England want most:

VW Deals for Students

  • 2011 Jetta S
    • Lease for just $179/month
    • Only $1,999 due at signing
    • A year’s worth of books costs more

Chevy Deals for Students

  • 2011 Chevy Cruze LS
    • Lease for just $169/month
    • Only $999 due at signing
    • You paid more for the notebook computer

Other Car Deals for Students

And that’s just for new cars – details and vehicle inventory may change, so be sure to drop by your local Colonial dealer. And while you’re there, inquire about the freshest used car specials – you might find a perfect fit for your budget.

Deals by College

Chances are that there’s a Colonial dealership near your school. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest schools in the state, and the Colonial dealerships closest to campus:

UMass Amherst

BU, BC, Harvard & other Cambridge/Boston Schools

UMass Lowell

UMass Dartmouth

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