Car Service – Dealership Waiting Room Survival Guide

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Waiting is the hardest part. Sitting for 20 minutes for car service like an oil change isn’t so bad – but an extended wait for that 30,000-mile maintenance can feel like a prison sentence.

Colonial understands, and that’s why we’re here with a few quick tips to make surviving the waiting game a little easier. Keep reading for our not-so-serious Dealership Waiting Room Survival Guide, because knowing is half the battle.

Tip #1: Escape.

If you know your repair is going to take over an hour, rope an accomplice into being your getaway driver. Make a break for it and take care of whatever essentials are on your agenda – post office, groceries, mini-golf – just keep an eye on your watch so you’re back on time.

Colonial dealers have plenty of great places nearby to while away an hour – here are a couple of examples:

Consult the Colonial Auto Group’s dealership locations on Google Maps here. See what’s nearby, and plan out what you can do to pass the time.

Tip #2: Come thirsty. Dress comfy.

“Give us your tired, your thirsty, your hooded sweatshirts.”

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Just like the Statue of Liberty’s famous poem of acceptance, so goes the Colonial waiting room’s credo.

If you’re sticking around while your car’s serviced, skip the Dunkin run. Arrive thirsty and in comfy clothes. Go straight for the coffee, pour yourself a cup and treat yourself to a few creams and sugars. Then, pick out a seat with a good view of the TV if one is available.

Tip #3: Take cues from the kids.

Kids know how to survive a long wait. PSPs and Nintendo DSs, DVDs in the car, iPods, running around in circles, staring at strangers – they all serve the same purpose: distraction.

And because daytime TV isn’t always a safe bet, it’s best to come prepared with your own books and magazine, crosswords and Sudoku, your laptop, or a smartphone if you’re so lucky. Otherwise, that rerun of The View is calling your name.

Tip #4: Go Colonial.

The most important tip of all: pick Colonial. The last thing you want is to survive the waiting room only to end up paying a huge bill at the end of it all. Colonial offers service specials, plus low prices on everyday maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation.

To see what’s available for your car right now, visit the page on MA car dealers. Find the location closest to you, visit that dealership’s website, and check out the Service Specials page. Or, just schedule an appointment directly through the service form.

And since you’re now fully prepared to survive the waiting room, there’s no reason to wait!

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