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Memorial Day BBQ – Grilling Safety Tips

Tips for grilling are best when they’re the steak variety, but with Memorial Day BBQs around the corner, it’s time to brush up on some grilling safety.

The good news is that the weekend weather around Boston isn’t going to be scorching hot – so fire risks are minimized. But rogue sparks aren’t the only potential hazards to be aware of, so read on to make sure you’re prepared!

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Best Places to Park for Fenway – Red Sox Parking Tips

Best Places for Red Sox Fenway Parking TipsSummer in New England isn’t far off, which means one thing: Red Sox. With the Bruins out of the playoffs and the Celtics already a couple of games into their postseason, Boston fans will soon be fully focused on the Sox.

If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to a game, you may be wondering about the best places to park for Fenway. Visiting the Cathedral of Boston can be tricky if you want to drive. We share some Red Sox parking tips below, so read on before you head down Yawkey Way.

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Which Review Sites Do Car Shoppers & Owners Prefer?

Car Review SitesColonial is committed to providing you with superior service, whether you’re visiting us to purchase a vehicle or to keep one running smoothly. Over the past year, we’ve paid particularly close attention to the reviews that our customers left across the web, and it’s given us loads of invaluable feedback.

And since our dealerships sell and service a variety of different brands, we began to wonder which review sites were most popular among customers of the different automakers.  Read on to find out which review sites car shoppers and owners prefer, and leave us a comment if your own preference corresponds with our customers’ or not.

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Dave Egeland’s 10 Rules for Super Bowl Nachos

Super Bowl 46 LogoThe Super Bowl’s just a few days away, which means that it’s time to get your snacks in order. If you’re thinking about adding nachos to your gameday spread, then take a minute for some sage advice.

Read on for 10 rules for your Super Bowl nachos, courtesy of Dave Egeland at Colonial Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Follow his rules to avoid some common nacho mistakes, because the right plate of nachos makes a good game even better.

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