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Spring Car Care Tips for MA Drivers

Spring Car Care TipsThe snow is melting. The birds are chirping. And your car is looking pretty dirty. It can only mean one thing: Spring’s finally around the corner.

After a particularly mean winter, it’s more important than ever to give your vehicle some TLC, and Colonial is here with some spring car care tips to help get your ride back to looking and running as nicely as iced tea on a sunny May afternoon.

And if our tips have you particularly concerned about your vehicle, you can always take your car into any of our Massachusetts car dealerships for service, repairs, or parts.

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Car Lease Vs. Buy Analysis for Massachusetts Drivers

car lease vs buy analysisThe car lease vs. buy analysis for Massachusetts drivers has raged for as long as lease deals have been around.

And while there will probably never be a clear victor in this debate, the general consensus is that leasing a car can make a lot of sense for some people, and buying a car makes sense for others. So which camp do you fall into? Let’s see if we can help you figure out whether you should be buying or leasing your new car!

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How to Know if Your Car Is Under Warranty

Questions about your car’s warranty? It can be tough to know if your car is under warranty or not, particularly if you’ve owned your vehicle for several years, or if it’s a used car that you purchased.

To help you figure out your car’s warranty (or lack thereof), we’ve put together a few tips. Of course, if you were lucky enough to purchase your car from Colonial, especially one of our certified used cars, then all you have to do is call the dealership you bought it from, and we’ll be happy to help! But for those wayward souls who shopped elsewhere, don’t worry – we’ll still help. Colonial is good like that.

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Colonial’s Top 5 Best MPG Cars in MA

Colonial sells a lot of fuel efficient cars. And with gas prices likely to rise along with summer temperatures, we figured that it was about time to put together a list of some of the best MPG cars in MA that we sell. All of our numbers are straight from, a site maintained by the Department of Energy. Read on to find out what Colonial’s most fuel efficient cars are, and what makes them so appealing.  Continue reading