Colonial’s Top 5 Best MPG Cars in MA

Colonial sells a lot of fuel efficient cars. And with gas prices likely to rise along with summer temperatures, we figured that it was about time to put together a list of some of the best MPG cars in MA that we sell. All of our numbers are straight from, a site maintained by the Department of Energy. Read on to find out what Colonial’s most fuel efficient cars are, and what makes them so appealing. Hybrids & EVs Hybrids and EVs (electric vehicles) have an unfair advantage on their gas-guzzling cousins – namely, they don’t run entirely on gas. So we’re going to get them out of the way first in their own section. Because Colonial has a Nissan dealership, a Honda dealership, and a few Chevy dealerships, we sell a range of cars that don’t just rely on gas to get you where you need to be. Here are the top 3:

The Volt and LEAF mileage is listed in miles per gallon equivalent, or MPGe.  For electric vehicles, like the Volt and the LEAF, this is measured by the total miles the car can travel by using the same amount of electric energy that’s generated by burning one gallon of gas. Check out the Wikipedia entry on MPGe for more info. The Chevy Volt also has a gas engine for longer distances, so that when the car’s battery runs low on electricity, the gas engine kicks in at 35/40 MPG.

Gas & Diesel

Let’s take a look at Colonial’s top 5 best MPG cars in MA, broken down by vehicle size and ranked by MPG on the highway:

Small Cars

  1. 2012 VW Golf (Diesel) – The famous VW hatchback, available in both 6-speed manual or automatic, gets 42 MPG highway, 30 city & 34 combined
  2. 2012 VW Jetta (Diesel) – Much like the Golf, the Jetta is also available in manual or automatic & gets 42 MPG highway, 30 city & 34 combined
  3. 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco (Gas) – Smarter engine, sleeker lines & lower profile than the regular Cruze for 42 MPG highway, 28 city & 33 combined
  4. 2012 Honda Civic HF (Gas) – Low-resistance tires, decklid spoiler, and lighter alloy wheels for 41 MPG highway, 29 city & 33 combined
  5. 2012 Chevy Sonic (Gas) – Chevy’s latest compact sedan that gets 40 MPG highway, 29 city & 33 combined

Midsize Cars

  1. 2012 VW Passat (Diesel) – VW’s flagship sedan that gets 43 MPG highway with a 6-speed manual, 31 city & 35 combined
  2. 2012 Honda Accord (Gas) – The latest Accord puts up an impressive 34 MPG highway, 23 city & 27 combined
  3. 2012 Ford Fusion (Gas) – Look for the FWD Fusion for 33 MPG highway, 23 city & 26 combined
  4. 2012 Nissan Altima (Gas) – The new Altima gets 32 MPG highway, 23 city & 27 combined
  5. 2012 Subaru Legacy (Gas) – The most fuel efficient AWD sedan available with 31 MPG highway, 23 city & 26 combined

Crossovers & SUVs

  1. 2012 Chevy Equinox – The Equinox shares top spot with the Terrain & gets 32 MPG highway, 22 city & 26 combined
  2. 2012 GMC Terrain – Go with FWD & 6-speed automatic to get 32 MPG highway, 22 city & 26 combined
  3. 2012 Honda CRV – Honda’s classic crossover SUV in FWD posts 31 MPG highway, 23 city & 26 combined
  4. 2012 Ford Edge – Ford’s new crossover with an impressive 30 MPG highway, 21 city & 24 combined
  5. 2012 Jeep Compass – Stick with the FWD Compass & 5-speed manual to get 29 MPG highway, 23 city & 25 combined

Whether you’re looking for a compact, a midsize or an SUV, Colonial has plenty of fuel efficient options for you. And if you’re looking for a new car in the next few months, stick with the vehicles that save you money every time you drive up to the pump.

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