Dave Egeland’s 10 Rules for Super Bowl Nachos

Super Bowl 46 LogoThe Super Bowl’s just a few days away, which means that it’s time to get your snacks in order. If you’re thinking about adding nachos to your gameday spread, then take a minute for some sage advice.

Read on for 10 rules for your Super Bowl nachos, courtesy of Dave Egeland at Colonial Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Follow his rules to avoid some common nacho mistakes, because the right plate of nachos makes a good game even better.

The 10 Rules of Making Nachos

10 Rules for Super Bowl NachosYou can read Dave’s full article - along with a slew of other stories – over at the Colonial Chrysler Jeep Dodge newsletter. But for now, let’s get right to the rules, because this is prime nacho-practice time ticking away!

  1. Choose thick, corn tortilla chips. I guess you could make your own, but why? They’re not going to be any better than Tostitos.
  2. Don’t buy pre-grated cheese (ever). Grate it yourself so that the cheese will be fresh and finer in texture which leads to uniform melting.
  3. Don’t overcrowd your nachos. Build them on a cookie tray in layers – first tortilla chips, then grated cheese, followed by two or three minutes in a very hot oven to quickly melt the cheese on the first layer. Then take it out of the oven and repeat with more layers.
  4. Never used canned, pre-sliced black olives. They have no place on pizza, nachos, or baked potatoes. I’m not even sure a dog should eat them.
  5. Don’t go fancy. It’s tempting to throw on all kinds of imported, artisanal ingredients, but don’t. Save your short rib chili, chorizo, applewood-smoked turkey sausage, and Chanterelle mushrooms for another day. Good nachos only need five ingredients: chips, cheese, beans, salsa, and jalapeno slices.
  6. Do serve the guacamole and sour cream on the side. (My wife hates sour cream, so this rule is for her.)
  7. Bake your nachos enough so that the outer edge of the chips are slightly browned, almost burned, and the cheese is crisp and crunchy. Nacho connoisseurs look for this subtle touch.
  8. I suppose canned salsa has its place on some planets, but not on this one and not on my nachos. Make your own!
  9. Leftover nachos aren’t good so make sure there aren’t any.
  10. Serve with lots of beer. Wine goes with everything…except nachos.

Stick with Dave’s rules to guarantee yourself a delicious plate of nachos. And don’t be afraid of a trial run tonight…and tomorrow. And the day after that.

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