Get to Know Colonial – The People Behind Your Favorite Dealerships, Vol. 1

Colonial Auto Group LogoColonial relies on hundreds of talented individuals to keep our dealerships running smoothly – and every one of them has a story.

Nick Surdis Power LiftingFor the first installment of our new Get to Know Colonial series, we introduce you to Nick Surdis, the General Manager of Colonial Honda of Dartmouth. Nick is a fitness enthusiast and part of a powerlifting team. He covers his team’s progress, including his own, on a blog at

Read on to get a better idea of what powerlifting is, along with what the Lakeville Powerlifting Crew is all about. And be sure to check back next week for an interview with Nick!

What Is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a strength sport that involves 3 main exercises: squat, flat bench press and deadlift. Training can involve other exercises, but for competition the focus is always on those 3 events.

The squat is exactly what it sounds like. The lifter starts from a standing position, then moves the hips back and bends at the knees until the hips are slightly below parallel. After that, the lifter returns to a standing position and the lift is complete. Watch Nick demonstrate the squat in the video below:

The flat bench press is also a straightforward exercise that involves lying on one’s back, lowering the barbell to the chest, and then pushing the bar back up and onto the rack. Watch Nick bench press 315 pounds with some extra chains:

The deadlift starts with the lifter at standing position with the barbell on the floor in front of him or her. The lifter then grabs the bar and lifts it while keeping the knees locked and the shoulders back. Here’s a video of Nick’s friend (also named Nick!) performing a deadlift:

Lakeville Powerlifting Crew

The Lakeville Powerlifting Crew is made up of Nick, his wife Kellie, Justin “Elroy” Hardy, Fred “Big Mac” Mackinnon and Ed Osgood. They are – according to their blog’s motto – “a few ordinary men and women striving to do extraordinary things.”

Check out their blog to follow along with their training and progress. Nick regularly posts everything from Youtube videos of their practice lifts to advice on how to long-term train for an upcoming meet! It’s a great resource for anyone interested in getting into powerlifting, or for anyone who’s already lifting and looking for some inspiration or guidance.

Drop by again next week to read our interview with Nick!

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