How to Complete a Massachusetts Accident Report, Part 2

In last week’s post, we covered the first couple of sections of how to complete a Massachusetts accident report. Now, we’re going to get into the last 2 pages – sections C through K.

After the trickier information asked for in the first 2 sections, these next ones will seem like a breeze.

Sections C, D & E

Page 2, with sections C, D and E, involve the most traditional “paperwork” – lots of names, addresses and codes.

Section C simply wants your name and address (as driver), as well as the same of anyone else in your car. For each lettered column after DOB and Sex (M/F), refer to the code boxes below – each lettered column has its own codes. If for whatever reason you don’t have the necessary info, simply write in 99 – that’s the code for “Unknown.”

Section D is more or less the same info you provided for your own vehicle in Section B, but this is for the people in the other car involved in the accident. If there were multiple vehicles, then attach extra accident report forms – simply skip all other sections aside from Section D.

Section E covers “non-motorists” – that is, pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, etc. The same rule for multiple vehicles in Section D applies here for non-motorists. So if there were multiple pedestrians or cyclists involved in the accident, attach extra reports but only fill out Section E.

Sections F through K

Section F is concerned mostly with weather, road/traffic conditions and other situational elements. It won’t take you long.

Section G is slightly trickier, however – Google Maps, which we used often in part 1 of this tutorial, comes in handy again here. Look up the address or road and town where the accident occurred and find it on the map – after that, it’s easy to draw a basic diagram. Using the example from last week’s post, here’s what it would look like (excuse the terrible artistic skills):

If there were witnesses who saw the accident, and you have their names and contact info, fill that in for Section H. And if, during the accident, you damaged any property (not including vehicles), list that in Section I.

And finally, for Section J, you’re given the opportunity to write out the story of the accident. Include what happened before the crash – both for your vehicle, and for any others involved in the accident. Sign and date the form in Section K, and you’re all set.

After it’s ready to go, make 3 copies of it. One goes to the police department of the city in which the crash occurred. The second goes to your insurance company, and the third goes to the RMV at:

Crash Records
Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889

Make sure to keep the original for your records.

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