Movember is upon us



That’s right it’s Halloween and that means that Movember is upon us. If you have followed the Colonial Automotive Group Blog you may recall that I participated in Movember last year. It was my first year and I was asked by a someone I had connected  with on Google Plus. Together our team raised nearly $2,300 with a generous donation match of $500 from Colonial Volkswagen of Westborough.

This year, I decided to head up a team and I am proud to announce that I am the Captain of Movember team G+ and Beyond Mobros. I chose that name due to the fact that if it wasn’t for Google Plus I would not have ever participated in Movember. Also, the majority of the members of the team are people that I have met on Google Plus.

Together as a team we hope to raise both money and awareness for mens health issues. Through connecting on social media we have come together with a united common goal; To grow some incredible Moustaches and that is what we are going to do.

To join or donate visit our team page every little bit helps. We hope to raise more than last year. Check back for updates on my Moustache as well as other G+ and Beyond Mobros for that matter. This year I am going with the Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation so be sure to stop by to see my progress.









In the meantime watch a video from Ron Swanson on the proper way to participate in Movember.



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