Tips to Keep Boston Commuters Sane

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Newsflash: Driving in Boston isn’t fun. Commuting from any of the surrounding suburbs can be a mess too — as anyone who’s driven 10 mph along 90-E at 7:30 in the morning can surely tell you.


Here are some tips to help you keep your wits about you in Boston’s notoriously bad rush hour traffic.

Buy The Right Car

According to Forbes, the Nissan Leaf and the Mini Cooper are amongst the best vehicles for shorter commutes. The Mazda Miata (not surprisingly) is a great pick for the summer commute, and the Subaru Forester is great for the winter.


 Plan Your Route


There are a variety of resources out there to find the best routes to take for lengthy commutes. One of these is’s “Find the Best Route for your Commute” tool (which can be accessed here).


If you make a daily drive, you need to make use of this utility.


Beware of I-93


As though you didn’t know: Commuting on I-93 is a mess. In the morning, a snail traveling the same route would likely get into Boston before you. According to the INRIX National Traffic Scorecard, the I-93 commute (north or southbound) is one of the worst in the nation.


Leave at the Right Time


This tip is common sense, however it’s often neglected. As a regular commuter, you know what time you have to leave by. Erring on the side of caution, you know too how long it takes to get to work when traffic is at its most tortoise-like pace. If you leave late and expect magic to happen in order to get you to work on time, you’re sure to be disappointed…and frustrated.


Don’t Forget the Audiobooks


The radio is great and all. However, there’s nothing like listening to a quality audio book on the way to work. Try something like David McCullough’s 1776 for starters. It’ll take you a solid week to listen to the whole thing and it’s a compelling and poignant narrative. Knowing you’re going to hear a great story while sitting in gridlock traffic softens the blow substantially.


We hope these tips will help make your commute a tad less terrible. At Colonial, we have all of the top vehicles for commuters on our lot. Stop by to see a few!

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