Don’t Drive in MA Without Reading This! Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Massachusetts

Boston MA most dangerous intersectionsCommuting in Massachusetts can be tricky – chances are that your route includes a dicey intersection, rotary, on-ramp, or all of the above.

But just which intersections are the worst? To help focus its safety improvement projects, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation compiled several years of crash statistics to determine which are the most dangerous intersections in the state. Read on to find out if an intersection on your daily commute made the list!

The Top 10

Let’s get right into which intersections see the most car crashes. Mass DOT ranks by their Equivalent Property Damage Only (EPDO) system that weighs fatal crashes, injury crashes, property damage and non-reported crashes differently. So that’s why you’ll see certain intersections with fewer total crashes rank higher, because the accidents were more severe.

And to go with each, we’ve added a link to Google Maps, where you can take a street-level look at the intersection:

  1. Fall River - Plymouth Ave. & Rodman St.
    • 279 EPDO crashes, 155 total crashes
  2. Lowell - Veterans of Foreign Wars Highway & Varnum Ave.
    • 251 EPDO crashes, 127 total crashes
  3. Westfield - North Elm St. & Pochassic St.
    • 250 EPDO crashes, 130 total crashes
  4. Lowell - Middlesex St. & Wood St. (Rourke Bridge)
    • 244 EPDO crashes, 132 total crashes
  5. Boston - Mass Ave & Melnea Cass Blvd.
    • 240 EPDO crashes, 107 total crashes
  6. Lowell - Bridge St. & Veterans of Foreign Wars Highway
    • 239 EPDO crashes, 111 total crashes
  7. Raynham - Route 44 & Orchard St.
    • 230 EPDO crashes, 94 total crashes
  8. Worcester - Highland St. & Main St. (Lincoln Square)
    • 228 EPDO crashes, 124 total crashes
  9. Brockton - Pleasant St. & West St.
    • 215 EPDO crashes, 95 total crashes
  10. Quincy - Thomas S Burgin Parkway & Granite St.
    • 211 EPDO crashes, 111 total crashes

The Data

Mass DOT Highway LogoSo which stats are Mass DOT relying on? The report, released in March 2010, compiles RMV crash data from 2006-2008, as well as pedestrian-motor vehicle and bicycle-motor vehicle accident data from 2002-2008.

The complete report, available here, ranks the top 200 intersections – it’s a pretty exhaustive list of every tricky intersection in the state. For older reports, along with an interactive map of the most dangerous intersections, visit this page.

Know of a particularly dangerous one in your town? Check to see if it made the list. Surprised to see one missing? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts!

Stay Safe

To avoid adding to the statistics, stay fully focused on driving – not your phone, MP3 player or GPS. Also, make sure your brakes, tires and other essentials are in good shape. Book service appointments with your local MA car dealers. Colonial dealerships are all over the state, and we offer plenty of service specials to keep maintenance affordable.

Be safe out there and enjoy the sun-soaked roads this summer!

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